The APPs Program Messenger Bot Setup Service

Order Confirmed - Please Read This Entire Page Follow The Instructions:

In order to complete your project, we need access to your accounts.  The setup process takes a about a week depending on volume. To avoid delays, please read this page carefully and provide everything that is required.

1. Initiate Your Project

Open a support ticket here using the same email you signed up for the APPs program with and choose "APPS Setup Service" as the Help Topic.

Important: keep note of your ticket number to check the status of your ticket on the site.

2. Manychat Access

Provide the link for us to be a temporary editor in your Manychat account - here's how: 

- Login to Manychat

- Select the Facebook Page you want us to setup in Manychat

- Click Settings on the left column
- Then click Users on the top menu 
- And finally click "Invite New Member" and select as Editor
- From there please include in your the support ticket the link Manychat provides for us to get access.

3. Zapier and Autoresponder Account Access (Must Have Premium Manychat Account)

If you want email autoresponder integration, include the login details for your Zapier account or add us as a team member - see team member details. Make sure that your autoresponder and Facebook account is already connected with Zapier. 

Alternatively can also provide your autoresponder login details and the autoresponder list that you want to add the new leads to.

Please note: you must have a premium Manychat account to enable this feature.

If you don't have an autoresponder account, you can get a $1 trial for the service we recommend here.

4. Facebook Page Access

If you have a Facebook business page, provide the URL for your page and add as a user in your Business Manager account with admin access to your page. You can see how to do that here in the "People" section.

If you don't have a Facebook business page, please provide the name of the page you want us to set up and the email address you use for Facebook. Once we've set it up and made you an admin, you must add the page to your Manychat account and send us an editor invite link for that page (see step 2 above).

5. Free Bonus - 10 Virtual Assistant Hours

Signup here to request your 10 free virtual assistant hours. You can provide them with your login to the APPs training area and have them do any part of the process you like including social media management. 

Once you've completed those steps, we can take it from there. Unfortunately our team can not proceed without that basic information to access your accounts. Please let us know if you have any questions.

*Please Note* if you're new to the APPs program, you were emailed a username and password and you can login to the main member's area here.

Kind Regards,


Ron Douglas

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