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"Case Study: How a Stay at Home Mom Earns an Extra Income Using Simple Automated Messages on Facebook®"

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Join us for a special free class with NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas and Online Marketing Expert Chris Luck.

Ron has figured out an innovative and unique way to automate your business using the future of social media communications - Facebook Messenger.

The best part is, you can automate the process and never have to chat with anyone one on one.

This system is so simple that he taught his newbie wife to do it and she's now generating a extra income from home in her spare time.

In this free class, you will discover:

  • Why Facebook Messenger is the big opportunity most are missing
  • 5 obstacles to your success and how this opportunity solves them
  • How to use Messenger to generate leads and sales much cheaper than conventional Facebook ads
  • The simple Messenger automation system Ron's newbie wife uses to earn high ticket payments from her laptop
  • How to partner with us to get your own simple laptop business going
  • And much more...

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Ron Douglas

Special Guest Expert: Ron Douglas

NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas is the founder of Ron has been featured live on Fox News, GMA, NBC and in People Magazine and has sold over $30 million in information products, online services, and books since 2001.

Ron Douglas

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