How Chris Used A One Page Ugly Website To Go From Living Out of The Back Seat of His Car To Helping Businesses And Traveling The World

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I want to tell you about a hot new lifestyle business that I just learned about, because this is in one of the hottest niches of 2019 and what I found out literally made my jaw DROP!

So Here’s The Deal...

I just found out about this guy named Chris Winters?

Now Chris is a real “player” when it comes to doing business online.

He’s one of those guys who makes a ton of money (in a virtual hands-free manner, I might add) and he lives an amazing life.

But, that’s not the strangest thing about Chris!

Chris Winters

Get this…

He actually got his start in business while living out of the back seat of his car and now Chris has a business that generates millions of dollars per year.

But, the story gets even better…

He runs this business in his spare time... from his computer… while he travels the world with his wife and 3 kids… pursuing his hobby... which is fitness.

Now if you haven’t heard of Chris…

I’m not surprised.

He’s a pretty private guy and he prefers to stay under the radar.

So I was fortunate enough to have befriended him recently — and what he told me about his business completely blew my mind!

What I discovered is that Chris has generated more than 25 million dollars in sales selling local leads to offline businesses… using a customer generation strategy I have never seen before.

But, get this...

- He doesn’t have large sta​ff.

- He doesn’t have an office.

- He doesn’t manufacture his own products.

- He never creates videos.

- He hates social media.

- Plus, he doesn’t use SEO, Facebook or Youtube.

Yet, he generates thousands of new customers per month for his local offline business clients and he does it all in a 100% hands free manner.

Without a doubt…

Chris has something amazing to share with you.

That’s What I Want To Tell You About Today

Trust me when I say… What I’m about to share with you  is KILLER.


I was able to convince Chris into creating a live workshop for you to share what he’s got going on.

If you're starting out for the first time... or… if you're tired of working a full time job... OR... if you're just looking for a HOT new income opportunity...

This IS It…

Chris is going to share the exact 3-step system he uses to start a thriving local lead-gen business... in less than 90 days… for less than $200… without using SEO, Facebook TM or Youtube TM.

Now Chris rarely agrees to speak in public. As I told you, he’s a pretty private guy. So it’s a rare opportunity (possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) to learn about his incredible lifestyle business LIVE and in person.


So if you want to know how a real "player" builds a real sustainable business... while traveling the world pursuing his hobbies... then... 

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Seriously, if you're going to check out any training this year... make it THIS one... you won’t be disappointed… it’s got our highest recommendation.


P.S. Even if you're not interested in starting a offline lead-gen business. You need to learn how Chris generates customers. He reveals a brilliant new "traffic source" that's totally under the radar and only a handful of people on the planet even know about it…

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