Local Georgia Man Discovers a New Method For Selling Products on Amazon That's Taking The Ecom World By Storm...

A New Way to Make Money on Amazon Using F.B.A.

Have you ever tried to make money on Amazon? Perhaps you wrote a book and it didn’t sell. Or you sold used books for a few dollars each and had to hassle with packing and shipping them.

There is a way to make money with Amazon that very few people are currently using.

But this isn’t about writing hundreds of books and selling them for .99. (And after Amazon takes their cut your profit is about 35 cents.) Seems like a lot of work for not much cash.

You can build your business a better way and make a lot more money.

Greg Cesar

Selling Information Products

You know something that someone else wants to know. You probably don’t even think about it because it’s a skill you learned and used everyday on your job or as a hobby. You take that knowledge for granted. But others will pay to learn what you know.

Or if you find a popular topic there are also ways to interview experts or research about the subject and then share that knowledge.

Knowing how to crochet, play the guitar, run Facebook ads, or build a successful blog are all marketable skills that others will pay money to learn.

Why not sell your information products on your own website?

How much traffic do you get every month?

Now compare that to Amazon. They get approximately 2.15 billion visits!

And these aren’t like Facebook visitors who log in to post pics of their lunch or to covet their neighbor’s fancy new car.

People come to Amazon ready to buy. Their credit card is set up for one click buying. They trust Amazon, unlike a website with owners they’ve never heard of.

Amazon is the perfect place to sell your information products.

But how do you move out of the low priced market?

How to Raise the Value of Your Products

Turning your informational products into physical products can be the difference between selling a $4.99 ebook or a full course for hundreds of dollars.

You simply turn them into physical products to increase the value.

You can put your products on USB drives, add cheat sheets, or even posters.

A newbie guitar player would be thrilled to have a poster with guitar chords hanging on his wall so he doesn’t have to stop playing, find a book, and look up a chord chart.

Which would you pay more for? A complete course of 20 lessons on a USB that includes work sheets, check lists, case studies, step by step directions, videos with examples -- or an ebook?

See the difference?

The perceived value (and the real value, too) has increased by hundreds of dollars.

How do you Drive Traffic to Your Product?

You don’t have to. The traffic is already coming to Amazon and as we already discussed, they’re looking for what you have and they’re ready to buy.

Will I have to pack and ship all these physical products?

No, this is the beauty of the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) system. You send the product to Amazon. When someone orders it they take the payment, pack it, ship it and your portion of the sale goes into your account. You’re then sent a check, usually once a month if you reach the $100 threshold.

Would you like to learn how to make money with this business?

Perhaps you need a better way to make a living. Or an extra income stream to save for your children’s education, take a nice vacation, or just raise your standard of living.

Maybe you want to be able to travel more and not be tied to company that tells you when to show up and when to leave. That limits you to a few weeks of vacation every year.

Perhaps you’re sick of putting in hours and hours of work to build someone’s else’s business.

You can start building your own Amazon business today with very little capital. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a viable lucrative business you can build over a period of time.

Though this process is very doable, you may feel overwhelmed at how to proceed on your own.

  • What products should you create?
  • Who do you hire if you don’t want to do the writing?
  • How do you test the market to know which topics will sell?
  • How do you turn your information into physical products?
  • How should you price your products?

There is a way to learn all of the above and more. Not from someone spouting theory, but from a man who already makes a six figure income with this method.

Watch this free class for more information.


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